Muir’s “A Geologist’s Winter Walk” is written to amplify the beauty of the environment and Yosemite. Muir’s views on the wilderness are very tame. He talks about it as if it is a gem on display for all to see. While it is a gem on display for all to see, he does not mention the unpredictable ways of mother nature. Muir seems to think nature is tame and something all can enjoy without a worry in the world. Muir slept on a rock while hiking which is crazy in my opinion. How could that be comfortable? He also mentioned that he didn’t think he had enough bread for the trip but it did not matter.

Muir’s entries are almost like an advertisement for Yosemite falls. His writing makes the location sound amazing and like a place, everyone should visit. This is understandable because he is known as the “father of national parks”. Muir’s writing is different from that of Whitman, and Cronon. While it is just as beautiful with descriptions, Muir seems to use his journals as advertisements to make others visit and see the parks.

I think Cronon would not appreciate Muir’s writing. While Muir and Cronon both talk about the wilderness being a beautiful place, Muir does not really mention anything bad about his hike. Cronon, on the other hand, has criticized the creation of National Parks and tourism in the wild. They are on two opposite sides of the scale for whether or not National Parks should be turned into tourist traps.




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  1. This is a very interesting way to view Muir’s work. I personally thought of it more like he was a child, excited to explore and tell us about his time. To me his personification of the living world made it all seem more lively, and his dangerous travels made it seem more fun.

  2. Abby,
    I totally agree with what you said that it was more of like an advertisement, he talked about all the beauties and made it sound like the most wonderful and beautiful place to visit. I agree that Cronon wouldnt like this at all because like you said he hated national parks and what Muir is doing here is idolizing this non wilderness view.

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