Deep Economy

McKibben has to say that you can either choose more, or better. There is no way to hit both birds with one stone. Research has shown that the more wealth you gain, the less happy that growth makes you. However, for Zhao, more and better go together because she was living in a rural town in China with her dad and sister. Her mom had left and her dad abused her and her sister. She will be unable to complete any schooling after the ninth grade. People are no longer happy because there is a lot of stress to do more. Technological advancements have also hurt people’s communication skills as well as their ability to write. With social media, you can never escape other people. You are exposed to what seems like a perfect life when in reality it is not. There are more cases of mental health issues due to an increase in social media usage. This can drain a person and drop their happiness levels. McKibben’s quote about the upcoming holidays and Laura Ingall Wilder effect show that we, as Americans, are very materialistic. When living a basic life, you don’t need 100 different things and when you receive something small, it means more to you. With the holidays, a lot of people do think it is all about the presents and seeing how much you can get of what. It should be more about the memories, family, and other things that are not extremely materialistic.


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  1. I do believe that if someone were struggling, it would be better for them to have more. They would have a better life and learn from the mistakes of others. though, it would be terrible if they did become too attached to technology because they would not be able to enjoy a lot of the world around them.

  2. Abby, I completely agree with you and I like how you brought up the point of mental health issues with social media. I think sometimes this is completely overlooked because of the advances technology has for the current world but it also depletes our happiness greatly and effects those connections we have with our self and others.

  3. I like how you compared the concepts of more/better in relation to people like us and those living in poor conditions over in foreign countries. It makes me think that this issue of “more” or “better” is more tricky than it sounds and needs to be discussed with critical thinking. I’m gonna miss your blogs!!

  4. Yea, I totally think that technological advancements have made us less capable to talk and interact with each other( I mean, look at me). I thought it was really interesting to think about the levels of happiness in correspondence with level of wealth.

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