David Abram

David Abram’s The Spell of the Sensuous is a unique piece of work that is very sensuous and spiritual. Abram is brave for facing the spiders in a cave. That would scare me so much because spiders are my friends only then they are a good length away. When we went kayaking for FSEM, we got stuck in a thunderstorm. It was a little terrifying to me, unlike Abram with the spiders. I was slightly scared because we were standing in mud and the river was beginning to rise. Lightning and water do not mix well and the storm was very close to us.

Technology now is taking over the world. When I was younger, I played outside a majority of the time and made up my own games. I didn’t get a flip phone until the age of 8, when it was for emergencies only. I didn’t get an iPhone until 7th or 8th grade. My younger cousin received an iPhone for Christmas at the age of seven. She is severely addicted to her phone and it controls her life. Even my older cousin who experienced life without technology cannot go without her phone for one minute. Technology is really taking over our lives and controlling every aspect of our life.

16 Replies to “David Abram”

  1. I feel the same with those spiders! Absolutely terrifying, don’t understand how he was capable of doing it. I also feel like the internet is taking over too much, very fast. Hopefully we can all still have those experiences like the one on the river.

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